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Teresa D. Douglas
Once completing grad school, I wanted to start re-balancing many aspects of my life, including health and friendships. I had always wanted to be a part of some kind of boating or water sport activity and went searching online for what might be in Atlanta. That is how I came across the sport of Dragon boating, and Dragon Boat Atlanta. I had never held a paddle in my life, yet was welcomed as a team member from the day of my first practice with them at Lake Lanier. There are many things I love about my experience as a dragon boater: the sport itself, the physical activity, the competitions, bonding with my teammates. But I especially love being a part of a valuable cause, breast cancer awareness, and a favorite sport at the same time, with truly amazing team members. The women on this team are an incredible inspiration, and most can paddle circles around me on my best day! I quickly learned to never underestimate a cancer survivor, no matter what the age. Each member of this team is a source of friendship and encouragement. It is my ambition to be a part of dragon boating and DBA for as long as life allows. 
Dianne Bryant
I was told about Dragon Boating for Breast Cancer Survivors in March of 2012, while still in the hospital having just experienced a right breast mastectomy. My son’s mother in law had fought my same fight with BC three years previously and was an active member of a team in Ohio. My son located information about the local team…Dragon Boat Atlanta, and sent me all the information necessary to make contact with the local team. I actually have him to thank for my involvement. I made contact via the internet and as soon as I was able….actually while still ‘ in stitches’ I traveled to Lake Lanier…..on a beautiful day in May, 2012, met the team and was even invited to ride in the boat as they went through their practice routine that day. WELL….I was hooked! The ONLY previous experience I had to qualify me to be a member of this incredible team was (1) I was a Breast Cancer Survivor and (2) I had a great desire to participate in a level of fitness and exercise that would help support my healing….healing of not only body….but mind and spirit as well. In the past three years, as I have grown with this team of beautiful women ( survivors and supporters) and our incredible coach, I am solidly on the path of FULL RECOVERY…..body, mind and spirit.